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    👋 Hi, we help small business owners answer everyday business questions.

    We serve small businesses with 1-50 employees in the northern Alabama area.

    “I’ve said before that [the AIM CEO] meeting is like my business therapy session to speak freely about work and get other like-minded people’s points of view.” Ryan Hunt | The Body Shop Collision Repair Center ryan hunt profile

    "There has to be a better way to run a business."

    There’s no glory in making someone else’s mistakes all over again.
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    You've got serious business questions but no one to turn to for advice or counsel.

    You’re the boss, which means you don't have someone to hold your own feet to the fire.

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    You've bought into the lie that simply working harder will fix the problems you're facing.

    We've all been there (and some of us still are)

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    New challenges

    Your business is growing or stagnating and you need help resolving those challenges.
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    Employee Issues

    Your team isn’t functioning like you know it should. You need help improving moral, teamwork, productivity, or quality.
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    Lack of Direction

    You’re working so hard, but not sure which way to go. You need help with company vision, exit strategies and long-term business planning.

    What you'll get with AIM Group

    Monthly Meetings

    Facilitated Monthly Meetings provide focus, structure and education alongside peer business owners.

    Business Coaching

    The opportunity to meet one-on-one each month with an experienced business coach to help work through important issues.

    Peer Feedback

    Relationships with trusted business peers provide a safe space for you and fellow business owners to dig into sensitive topics.

    Small Business Solutions

    We help you solve business challenges whether it is sales and marketing, family business issues, work life balance, or operational issues.


    Business Coach and peers keep you accountable to your action items and business goals.


    Easy access to training content and industry-specific Q&A forums help you grow as a business owner and solve problems faster.

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    Where do we go from here?

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    Meet your own board of advisors.

    “I am pleased to say, that with the help of members of AIM and our facilitator, I was able to achieve my goal of selling my business and retiring.”

    Lois Pope | Owner
    Alabama Psychological Services

    “AIM provides a support mechanism to business owners who so often believe they are alone and then learn they are far from it…their problems are not so unique after all.”

    Caroline Myers | President
    Language Services, Inc.

    “I thoroughly enjoy learning from my peers and having a sounding board to bounce my ideas off of.”

    Dustin Awtrey | Owner
    Awtrey Agency

    Good help is hard to find

    AIM CEO Group was founded by two business owners searching for answers. After numerous attempts to find help and advice in various business communities, it became glaringly apparent: there wasn’t a good resource for business owners trying to answer the difficult questions.

    The purpose of AIM CEO Group is to bring small business owners together in a way that enables learning and growing. Small businesses deal with similar problems. Scaling our business, hiring and firing employees, managing financials and keeping all of our hair—these challenges are universal in the small business community.

    We are a Board of Advisors for small businesses, making the best information available and connecting small businesses who care about doing it right. Our hope is to be a launchpad for entrepreneurs who are struggling to find answers to their biggest questions. We hope you’ll join us!

    Ravi Kolli


    Kellie Andrews


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